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Expand your real estate knowledge and become an aware buyer. Here are some of our latest blog posts to help you out. We try to cover as many interesting real-estate-associated topics as we can - choose the most relevant to you, you won’t regret reading our articles!
Want to get more home for less money? Consider changing neighborhoods to save on property taxes, a lower HOA fee, and a reno project. All can save thousands for you and help you find your dream home at the right price.
Thinking of selling your home yourself? Read this first. Trying to go it alone to save a little cash could cost you a lot. Hiring a Realtor from the get-go may be your best bet.
If you are a home owner and have contemplated selling your home, this may be the best time to get the best deal. Rates are still low, homes are selling at higher prices, listing times are shorter. Great environment for sellers!